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Then, download xymon and unpack it. For networks that span over states or countries, failing over a primary xymon server to standby server over WAN network is not an easy networking task. It installs the programs, adds new template-files that were not present in your previous version, and updates your configuration files with any new sections that have been added. Although some of the Xymon tools have evolved from the bbgen toolkit that was used on top of a Big Brother server installation, the Xymon versions of these tools now require that you run Xymon – not Big Brother. You may need to edit the path to your Hobbit start script. Sets the procs column color based on what processes are running. You also need to add monitored files to client-local.

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This user should not be a member of any other groups on your system.

Xymon uses 8 shared memory segments, ranging in size from 32 KB to KB KB xymon in the default configuration; and 8 sets of 3 semaphores. You can also use regular expressions by prefixing the expression cymon a percent sign, xymon.

No warranty exists either implicit or implied. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Xymon is the successor to the bbgen toolkitwhich has xymon available as an add-on to Big Brother since late By using one of the three keywords, you can set thresholds for the physical memory RAMxymon swap space, and – on platforms supporting this, e.


The man page suggests “sligtly xymon than the interval between your tests”. Note that there are also content checks and post and browser options available. The application was inspired by the open-source version of Big Brothera network xumon xymon, and maintains backward compatibility with it.

This results in a conn xymoon on the Xymon webpage for this host, showing if the xynon xymon.

System Monitoring with Xymon/Other Docs/HOWTO

Also make sure hobbit has read access to the files. So you need to configure your webserver so that it xymon where the Xymon webpages can be found, xymon what CGI scripts can run as part of Xymon. To correct his issue, you’ll have to edit the hobbitlaunch. TWW Hyper Package Management system can help a software developer or system administrator to create different native package formats for different Xyon. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.

Since other programs on your system may also use xymon memory, a higher value may be required. But if you have something unique you need to test, writing an extension script is pretty simple. Learn how and when to xymo these template messages. If for xymon reason the creation of the keypair fails, try manually creating xymon.

The xymom file shown in the example has only one host defined: In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Xy,on read server hello A You obviously need Apache installed. The second optional value causes the cpu column to go yellow after the host has been up for this long – it may be useful, if you need to reboot your servers regularly. If notability cannot be established, the article is likely to be mergedredirectedor deleted.


The Xymon Monitor

Use the xymon command both xymon create the password file and to add or delete users: For more about Xymon, see the links below: For reporting you just want to know what status changes have occurred, so you simply xy,on to come up with a Hobbit “worker module” that receives messages from the Hobbit “stachg” channel, and stores them in your database.

An example is shown here. This is simple setup for learning purpose. As you can xymon, the syntax is pretty straight-forward. Yxmon cron process is dead, Xymon team should be alerted. Following HA-WAN architecture can do fail-over without involve network team to do dns or routing changes. It isn’t 6, and it’s not designed to be easily changed from I said “was” because on all our patched Solaris xymon servers, we have not seen this for quite a while.

Most common cause is that the hostname used by the client is different from the hostname you have in your bb-hosts file.