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Samuel first appeared briefly in The Hidden Heart as a child who, at the time, was still in the throes of horrible abuse. The stolen objects are then replaced by small lurid statuettes, and then the thief always sends a note to the police telling them they can find each stolen object in a particular house of iniquity. Their actions lead to a forced marriage, which actually turns into something beautiful and loving, and then goes awry, and then comes back together again The ninja bits are as ridiculous as they sound. Because they are slooooow. Samuel, meanwhile, is a study of contrasts.

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As the shadow and the star laura kinsale, she has learned proper kibsale and how to comport herself like a lady in every circumstance in spite of being a commoner. Leda barely breaks away from the convention of society enough to be believable in her feelings.

I cringe at the thought of casting Fabio as Samuel. He first appeared in Kineale Hidden Heart as a boy in horrendous circumstances, to say the least. I like how author described and let us know hero step by step.

To ask other readers questions about The Shadow and the Starplease sign up. Not really sure why this is some sort of classic.

I still just LOVE this historical romance. As it was though, I believe the two books stand well on their own, as there was enough back story given that I didn’t feel lost at any point. So she gave all that up to sit in a chair and stare into space for long periods of time, attempting to figure out What-Happens-Next. Someone order a climax?


The Shadow and the Star

Maybe not the right word, but wounded emotionally from past abuse, extremely influenced by his sensai, sgadow unsure of himself with Leda. The hero of this second book is Samuel Gerard, the child prostitute “Sammy” who we saw a few times in The Hidden Heart.

May contain a number of explicitly descriptive love scenes. In any csse, i became LK fan as of last yr. For years, Dojun has schooled him in the ancient ways of the ninja, as well as the Japanese language and culture, and Samuel found a much-needed friend and father-figure in Dojun. Anv with most of the memorable ones, I can remember everything about the hero, but rarely anything about the heroine.

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Samuel is very sexually attracted to Leda and his pent up frustrations begin to get the better of him. And sometimes when I am planning a birthday party, I think to myself, I wonder what it was like for Samuel to have his first birthday party with Leda?

Some of them teeter close to the edge of insanity, which makes me uncomfortable. Samuel, on the other hand, was quite clueless in figuring out his feelings. Want to Read saving…. lsura

I sympathized with her plight, yes, but I didn’t see anything special about her whatsoever. Guest Reviewer Review Date: He has major scars, literal and figurative, from his abuse and is horribly wounded as a man. Now, I feel silly for waiting this long to read it because it exceeded my high expectations. Anything but a Gentleman.


The Shadow And The Star || Books || Laura Kinsale

The Legend of Lyon Redmond. I found his avenging angel persona to be very sexy and appealing, and would have liked to have seen more of these types of exploits in the story. She was also able to intuit his needs and never left him even when, in his fear, he tried his best to drive her away. The only small misstep was the ending, which had a bit of a bizarre climax in which Leda the shadow and the star laura kinsale little except cry and act terrifiedbut it’s only a small element of dissonance in quite a magnificent and original novel.

Kinsale, I have read and reread as many of your books as I have been able to find and love this one the best of all. Ever since I’ve been trying to find the right words to express what it was that once again made me fall in love with Ms. I say this with conviction because I am a voracious reader and not just confined to the romance genre. This is one of my favorite romances in creation, but given your comments about the McNaught, I wonder how you view the first sex scene in The Shadow and the Star?

Flowers from the Storm.