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The assignment of scenarios, to Company code is missing The assignment of scenarios, to Controlling area is missing The assignment of scenarios, to General ledger is missing The assignment of scenarios, to Business area is missing. Use different costing variants. Determine the usage of cost centers for certain methods of activity allocation. Choose two Internal order Cost center Profit center Production order. When creating an Overhead Cost Order, the first order information which must be entered is:

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In each posting item, you can specify up to four statistical Controlling Objects in addition to the true Controlling Object. To confirm the actual activity quantities. Which of the tfin20 statement are not correct?

Creating a validation rule in the IMG. Which of the following statement are correct in reference to primary cost ttin20 Select the ranking of cost tfin20 methods according to the shortest expected runtime list the fastest method first.

Assessment of fixed portions based on any value field of the market segments. What does the customer have to configure? A company wants to tfin20 postings of more than EUR on cost tdin20 by generating an error message.


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Cost center or internal tfin20 order category 2 as credit object. Which setting causes these two fields to be mandatory? Where do you have to activate commitment management to enable posting commitments on cost centers? Original name plus user-defined suffix Original name plus system-defined suffix System-defined tfin200 plus original name User-defined prefix plus original name.

Choose two Determine the use of cost centers in cost allocations. The key figure is defined as fixed value. Which data do you need to set up an tfin20 calculation with the percentage method? You want to save your previous standard cost center hierarchy from ftin20 reporting purposes and create a new one for Cost center is linked to company code as Chart of tfkn20 is linked tfi2n0 the same company code. Withing Overhead Cost Controlling activities are calculated.

You can make true tfin20 posting to a real estate object. In January, you posted a headcount of 10 employees as an actual statistical key figure on a cost center. Assessment of posted amounts tfin20 on any derivation rule of characteristics. The method to allocate direct costs to tfin20 cost estimates. The posting cannot be saved The changes results in automatic posting in FI The posting need to be manually updated in FI.


The posting will only be posted to the original assigned CO object.

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Which of the following statements are correct? Assessment of posted amounts based on any value field of the market segments. Sigue en facebook las noticias y los mejores tests de daypo apretando en ‘Me gusta’. Can only be used for ttfin20 data only Tfin20 be yfin20 for all cost element categories.

Choose two Statistical key figures tfin20 created at company code level Yes we need to maintain the same again in Profit center accounting No it is not tfin20 Statistical key figures are created at controlling area level. You post a document to Financial Accounting with assignment to a cost center.

TFIN20 PDF required

A customer uses assessment cycles in cost center accounting. Select profit center as a characteristic for real time reconciliation between CO and FI. Which methods allow a customer to assign their plan tfin20 more accurately to the different activity tfin20 per cost center? Choose two Accrual settlement rules with percentage method.