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All of the lyrics in there are related to spite in some sense. Though it features some fine symphonic elements and a few exciting tracks, the remainder of the album is unfortunately a dull excursion into territory far too ‘safe’ and uninspired. That is a possibility. It would seem that the success of The Days of Grays comes from its inability to gauge whether its own music is good or not, as an author cannot gauge what degree of foreshadowing is best for the readers. Formulaic, melodic power metal with some good hooks and savage musical skill.

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While we’re on the subject of guitars, one thing I was annoyed at was the direction it took. Whatever you want to say about the stylistic choices Sonata Arctica makes on here, it would be a mistake to label them as anything but real. Long-time fans may be disappointed with this release, and most of them already are. The band is to hit the road in Europe in Fall again! As the next day rolled around, I found myself sohata and replaying these bits of songs in my head, until I realized that I was recalling short snippets of nearly every song.

Just go and listen to the song “Zeroes” and you will see what I mean.

Regardless this is an excellent album that is one of Sonata’s best once you look past the minor mistakes. We all knew we couldn’t keep our little Stratovarius-child with us forever and that it would grow up someday and shed its Tricky Bean, but the new direction that Sonata Arctica takes with this album signifies the two possible results from a change in sound: The chord progressions, for the most part, are a particular highlight of this album as well, in “Deathaura”, “The Dead Skin”, and heck, even “Zeroes” has its own share of unconventional chords, and I suppose, I must grant that the first pre-chorus to “As If the World Wasn’t Ending” boy, what a mouthful had a few good chords left un-revisited for the rest of the song.


Sonata Arctica – The Days of Grays Review

The Days of Grays is, without a shadow of a doubt, a gigantic improvement. We are still not out fhe highlights, but I can go and describe the next few tracks as detailed as I would like, it would not come over as such. It is my belief that the quality only comes from the arrangement of said instruments and dqys their presence alone.

The sound has a strong helping of pop and AOR influences, though the largest influence tends sonata arctica the days of grays be latter day Nightwish and Epica. The album has a very dark sound overall, and this is not a bad thing. Retrieved 12 December Kakko did all the efforts possible to accomplish a sound following the line of Unia, and seemingly, he succeeded. The guitar work is like the primer, and the keyboards are like the paint.

That is also the part of those experiments I really don’t like, and I will never get used to them. fo

As is the case for Sonata Arctica. They are still great, but not what you would expect with the band. I’ll be waiting and hoping for the best. A female vocalist is even employed from time to time, though lacking the operatic beauty of a Simone Simons or a Floor Jansen, and generally resembles a number of interchangeable pop singers.


Sonata Arctica keyboardist Henrik Klingenberg described the album as:. Once again taking a back seat to Tony’s vocals. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I really like Sonata Arctica’s ballads and one hte the bonus tracks for this is the best they’ve ever made.

SONATA ARCTICA | The days of grays – Nuclear Blast

Then you’ve got tripe like this, from the wrist-cutting “The Dead Skin”: Sonata Arctica is not that band anymore. Because it is heavier than most pop music anyway. Even if he was a part of sonata arctica the days of grays whole thing I don’t think that he would be capable of cleaning the mess this studio album has. I guess many of us were not prepared to hear a different sound and style from one of our favourite power metal bands.

So let’s start this off with the obvious choice: They even hired a Finnish female pop singer to do the female vocals. There are a few moments where it truly soars, and then others when it seems complacent with its mediocrity.

The Last Amazing Grays

There are a few lines that are borderline cheese, but it’s still the dark, melodramatic, beautiful lyrics Tony seems to be proficient at writing. What have we here? Musically, there are a few things you should look for.