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This story is so shonen! He gets a nasty bite too, but they manage to chase off the last wolf and Soon-deok doctors everyone up. Things will proceed OK. I really only mean Alexander speaking English when it doesn’t make sense. It’d just be so boring and predictable if she becomes the unwanted 4th corner to the already prevalent love-triangle.

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We see that Shi-woo did tell Dean Hwang that he was leaving, and the dean had said that once he was like Shi-woo and Chi-ang, holding onto his courage and sb. She wakes a few minutes later and now she smiles, and the two of them head back to Moorim School. This clashes with the other flaws and wins it. Uneven is a good word to describe this show.

The potential is there, but the execution is all over the place. Sanchita Suman January 22, at 2: I mean we have characters that we care for and backgrounds and plot that are just waiting to be explored.

I am somebody who would hesitate to fall for a character like Wangmanchild but I seriously love him to pieces. The most frustrating part of this drama for me is the 2nd male lead’s acting. He says that his father even kidnapped him here, but at least he got to meet his Ariel.


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Behind The Scenes 2: I felt the same way. Also, if they’re siblings which it looks likeI hope she has her own powers too. I liked this episode, but I have to agree with some of the above comments.

Lee Hyun Woo Main Moorum. Chi-ang is forced to admit defeat, and he tells Shi-woo to go on without him — at least one of them can succeed.

The rest of the students celebrate to hear that both boys get to stay. He tells Shi-woo to go on without him, which frankly angers Shi-woo, but Chi-ang is serious. I still wish they’d pick up the pace of this show, but it’s coming to a point where I’m liking it better and better. Okay, this bromance is going to be my new favorite thing.

Same with Sung Ah, who’s fangirling is my favorite thing. I had already said it but now I think it’s kind of obvious that they’re going with Shiwoo-Soondeok and probably Chiang-Sunah I laughed so hard when he wouldn’t stop insulting her dad. Can Shi Woo survive in the strange new school environment? Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles moorim school ep 4 eng sub this channel. As night falls, Chi-ang asks for a break, and Shi-woo notices that his wolf-bitten arm is bleeding.

This reminds me of the Taiwanese KO One drama!!!! Chi-ang is still trying to call him, but Shi-woo ignores his calls as he rides away with the agency rep. Sure enough, she falls asleep right away, and Shi-woo smiles to himself.


Moorim School Ep 4 Eng Sub

Seo Ye Ji Main Cast. I’m glad I started this year with this drama. I think shi woo and sun ah are siblings, chi ang’s father sent him to moorim in order to retrieve something.

He is forced to enroll at Moorim after an unexpected fall from grace.

Moorim School

Episodes by SailorJumun. The guy in the coma, while always mysterious, doesn’t really interest me at all either, nor really whether Shi Woo is the holder of buttloads o’ mystical power and can stop time.

I hope to God Ariel doesn’t bring a flow to it. Anyway, I started this because of my love for Lee Hyun Woo oppa who’s younger than NY but since he’s handsome he’s my oppa and I have to say, right from the getgo all four characters grew on me.

I’m just holding on because I’m sure it’ll happen.