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It takes the lights and gives them this crazy star flare effect. This effect would be great if you are taking photos of musicals, gay fashion shows, or anything with a lot of gay people who want to be extra fabulous. It takes just a few minutes to set up your academic status. This site uses cookies. Who qualifies for academic discounts? You can further adjust this by double-clicking on the individual effects and making slight adjustments. Here are a ton of screenshots of the product that give you a really good idea of the incredible range of the filters….

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Magic Bullet PhotoLooks 2

Above is a good example of the interface and power. Connect with us to learn more. The new Colorista 3-Way Wheel gives you independent control over you shadows, midtones, and highlights. Enter new zip magic bullet photolooks to refresh estimated delivery time. Included with the software are more than redesigned preset looks that were influenced by classical photography and popular films and ranges from simple practical lighting situations to mimicking stylized Hollywood films.

Magic Bullet PhotoLooks Review | Includes the best coupon code

Magic Bullet Looks ships with tools and a number of presets, which can quickly be previewed on an image. PhotoLooks is a plug-in for creating stylized moods and treatments for any type of still media. Be the first to review this item. Above is the before photo of the cat. Conversely, if you choose a preset that makes the image bluer and customize the colors to feel cold and dark, the photograph magic bullet photolooks feel distant or lonely like being alone on winter’s day.


We offer special rates and services for businesses making volume purchases of our products. Magic bullet photolooks can work with PhotoLooks 2 and the optional Looks 2 video software at the same time. It adds a very nice glow feel to the photo, which I had already previously altered in Photoshop.

In Aperture and Lightroom, both before and after version are saved, to guarantee that the process is non-destructive. Custom looks can also be exported for use elsewhere.

Adding Item To Your Cart. This is a plugin that works with Photoshop, Lightroom, and Aperture.

All the PhotoLooks tools are available in the standalone version. In PhotoLooks, a ‘look’ is a set of color choices that combine to create a distinct color appearance. There was an error trying to process your download request at this time.

Get a free bullef if you already own Magic Bullet Suite. Tools are added to the Tool Chain when a look preset is applied. Standalone Application In stand alone mode PhotoLooks supports jpeg files up to 2K resolution; 4K support is dependent on your system.


When you use it as a plug-in, you gain the benefits of round-tripping between the applications. We were unable to find a qualifying product in your account. When you start to move your mouse over the right side of the screen, the drawer of effects appears on the left side of the screen. Skin Overlay creates a grid that indicates incorrect skin colors, while Memory colors provides a histogram scope that compares skin magif in your image to proper fleshtones. If magic bullet photolooks think this looks cool, you should try it on your videos!

Once again, both Magic Bullet Looks for video and PhotoLooks for stills feature a consistent appearance and a common set of tools and presets. The software goes beyond traditional color correction by giving you a wide variety of tools that can create beautiful and accurate color changes.

For instance, PhotoLooks can make a dim blue shot appear as if it was shot at sundown, or emulate shutter streaking effects for a film-like effect.

Magic Bullet PhotoLooks 2 is Here!