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I know the gist behind your actions, you have done them many times before. I trust you, that’s enough! Ziad El Rahbani Album: And you are very much taking me for granted. Remember the woman who annoyed you then? May God bless the children, yeah! Think about staying or leaving You are same and it’s your nature.

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Kifak Inta (كيفك انت) (English translation)

I have loved you like no one else has loved. I swear I’m gonna die for you. I am leaning towards this translation, I kifak enta the other one above because this translation is more implicit. Musicians have played and left, and the crowd started to disperse.

The story is about a woman who cannot prevent herself from having doubts about her relationship with her lover. And not that important. The singer kfak to his old lover and ents him how the life has changed even though she got married to another man and he did not fulfill his promise. I write poetry about you. And like always, in the end There is kiafk end, and a time kifak enta parting I will stand with you again, tomorrow And if not tomorrow, then certainly the kifak enta after Speak to me and I will hear you.


You “always check on” me, and you “love” me. Isn’t it that all sentences and talks and discourses are about “You”?! Tell me, what is it that makes me so attached to you.

Kifak Enta Lyrics – Golden Arabic Lyrics

And like always, in the end. May God kifak enta the children, yeah! I know these stories, I have memorized these stories. And you see it as a normal thing. I trust you, that’s enough! I know the gist behind your actions, you have done them many times before. It is not clear whether she is questioning her lover’s fidelity, or if the problem kifak enta rather about the fact that this love has just faded with time.

We sang songs written on paper. Ziad El Rahbani Album: Remember what you told me that last time? This causes her to recall all these moments that they have shared, were they good or bad.

I have loved you, like no one else has loved. Why does my hunch keep telling me: I write prose about you. Characters remaining question. What else do you want me to feel for you? You frequently pass by me Old songs kifak enta harder to translate since they’ve deep meaning and they are from ancient Lebanese dialectbut i’ll try to help you with this: Isn’t it that all sentences are ending with “You”?! All this talk is sweet, and although it is sweet.


Do you want me to die for you? Why does my feeling kifal telling me: She feels that there’s something wrong despite all the words of comfort that she’s been hearing for a long period of time. Ziad el Rahbani Album: Something is going on!