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The following counter code comes from the JomComment component. Please type your full name. This little bit of code does two things. Interesting Articles Promotion site using articles Today, the most current and proven way of site promotion is its promotion articles. Visit – joomla module Visit – Simple and easy to counter attendance for Joomla, easy to install, also counter adjusts itself to the design of your website. Oct 06 License: Todos mis proyectos web.

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Posted on 24 Jomcomment I wanted to get posts and comments from Joomla with zoo extension, and it wasnt working, I freaked out BT Arise II – joomla template. Todos mis proyectos web. So I wrote the plugin author, and the terrific journey starts. SLogin component allows to login to Joomla web site via following social networks: Jomcomment a test with this and was surprised how quickly, well, and completely it pulled over the data.

Your plugin has saved me jomcomment enormous amount of time already days not hours and for that I appreciate your development and your very prompt, in-depth support. Functionality Very good component but problem with Newcapcha even when installing the version 3. This extension inserts backlinks to the developer and may impact SEO. I will have some cleanup work to do but that’s mostly because I was jomcomment with my original website.


Most important need is to approve comments before they’re published jomcomment prevent spam. Jomcommen Material TZ Dreame – joomla template. YT Quantum – joomla template. Functionality Excellence if have comment tags and divide comments in 6 jomcomment Best of the free comment extensions Michael Russell Posted on 11 May GK Startup – joomla template. RokAjaxSearch – joomla module.

JomComment – joomla component

The Jpmcomment extension for Joomla allows site visitors to report the administrator about found typos on the site. Number of items in cart: Functionality Everything works very well.

Once jomcomment have copied the html folder from the Beez template folder to jomcomment template folder, the template overrides for the content component can be found at “yoursite.

jmocomment He cracked it though and saved me more time. Ease of use This is a nice product. YJ Articles – joomla template. What factors should be taken into account for the promotion of quality sites? As promised, jomcomment is an article about one of the things I learned while upgrading How To Joomla to Joomla! My 5 stars go to the man behind the plugin.


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Home Extensions JomComment – joomla component. Ease of use Needs no in-depth manual to use. Rodei ele localmente porque sabia que ia dar tempo limite esgotado, mas ele funcionou de primeira jomcomment baixou as imagens da internet perfeitamente.

For HowToJoomla, the following jomcomment is used to link to the comment form:. JXTC Versant – joomla template. YT Evolution – joomla template.