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He is almost the same as Armodrillo. In the Ben 10 reboot, his appearance is the same as the original series, but his bodysuit is green, he is shorter, and he has reddish-orange eyes. Since the episode “Screamcatcher”, Cannonbolt gains the ability to become Omni-Enhanced Cannonbolt with Shock Rock’s armor forming a spiky rock helmet. Ultimate Alien”, Ben regains access to the form in “Perplexahedron” to escape from a water trap. Diamondhead is a Petrosapien coming from “petra”, which means “rock”, and “sapien”, which means “intelligent being” from the planet Petropia. Arctiguana has enhanced strength, as shown in “Store 23” when he tackled Tetrax and dented a car roof when he landed on.

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A downside is that Astrodactyl has low endurance and vulnerable to electricity. Heatblast is a Pyronite from the star Pyros. His eyes are once again connected to the fire on his head, his shoulder plates are slightly tilted up, and the uumungousaur Heatblast is taller and much more muscular. While in this form, Ben has a vast knowledge of complex gases. His suit where it used to be black is now green, and he has green under his arms, on his shins, and around his waist.

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This returned to normal once Ben got over his cold. In Omniverse, Big Chill is larger and barrel chested with bigger wings and the Omnitrix symbol on a green colored waist belt.

The main difference between Wrecking Bolt and Cannonbolt is that Wrecking Bolt’s pads are instead spiked, and thus, has a far more destructive crash. Unless able to achieve a balance between its two personas, a Celestialsapien normally remains still for long periods of time.


The form was named by Azmuth while his primary brain was removed from his body. Animo’s mutated seagull; his first intentional Humungouaur transformation was in the same episode to go goofing around on the beach. His seeds are instead replaced with a pair of thorned vines, and the design of humnugousaur face resembles Shockwave’s from Transformers: Four Arms reappeared in “Ben He has blue eyes with black pupils and yellow horns.

His neck is completely black. Although Chromastone became accessible again after the events of “The Secret of Chromastone”, Ben didn’t use him until the pilot episode of Ben Ultimate Humungoudaur to fight Bivalvan, being very surprised he still had access to the form. Later, though, these actions brought Ben against the Celestialsapien court, and in the process of fighting their champion, the Galactic Gladiator, he gained complete control over Alien X, allowing him to use his powers more easily.

He has a scar on his left upper arm, right shoulder, and above his left eye. He now has humungouwaur shorter tail. However, the “flames” is a bit of a misomer, as the ice fire is actually plasma that absorbs the heat of what they hmungousaur, using said heat as fuel to burn. Upgrade is a Galvanic Mechamorph, a race humungousaut was accidentally created by Galvan scientists who tried to make Galvan B their planet Galvan Prime’s moon habitable by binding self-replicating nanotechnology to Galvan B’s minerals.

Ghostfreak is an Ectonurite from the planet Anur Phaetos in the Anur system.

The name is a play on astronaut and pterodactyl, but literally translates from Greek as “starfinger. He has long black hair and sideburns. He humungiusaur was introduced in the first alternate opening of “Ben Omniverse, AmpFibian didn’t change too much except for his pointed tentacles, black eyes with green pupils, and the Omnitrix on his face.


In “Ben 10,” and “Ken 10”, 30 and 45 year old Diamondhead’s suit has changed, having black on the top and white pants, and the Omnitrix symbol now being on his chest. Humungousaur is a 32 foot tall humanoid dinosaur -like alien, and one of Ben’s current favorite aliens; he possesses great strength and thick skin that provides vast resistance to injury.

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Chromastone is a silicon-based alien with super dense skin and several magenta crystals protruding from his torso. Freezeghost is an alternate counterpart of Big Chill who resembles year-old Big Chill with a different color scheme. His name is taken from the slang term for vomit, noting the similarity of the “upchuck” energy balls he can expel while making a Burping sound often associated with vomiting.

The use of a Chronosapien’s powers creates a ripple effect which can be sensed and reversed. Ben had the lock undone in a failed attempt to get Bellicus and Serena to help him find the Forge of Creation and stop Aggregor. The Galvans are a highly intelligent race responsible for many of the technologies shown in the series, including the Omnitrix, the Null Void Projector, the Null Void, their planet, Galvan Mark II since the Highbreed destroyed their original homeworld, Galvan Prime, in the “Alien Force” two-parter “War of the Worlds”and the Galvanic Mechamorphs Upgrade’s species.

Ultimate Alien” episode “The Forge of Creation”.