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He is stationed in the snow-covered section of Teroka. Zero- An artificially created Ancient Demon, he utilizes his possessed Grandark sword to acquire increased defense and unleash wanton destruction on any foe foolish enough to step into his range. They emerged victorious but the sealing of dimensional portals left Dio stuck in Aernas. She along with other demons appeared in the dimensional rift in the prologue. Lass joined the Grand Chase to atone his dark past. He used to be a Knight in Shining Armor , but after being exposed to the darkness in the dimensional gap, he became cynical and willing to cooperate with Decanee’s evil plans. The only way to do so is a forbidden ritual which the soul of an ancient demoness who perished during the First Demon Wars, infused to the young Ley.

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His past self who haven’t triggered the Kounat Explosion yet appeared in Kounat chapter.

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While he has to be defeated in the game, he delivered a Curb-Stomp Battle on the Grand Chase in the next scene and only retreated when Elesis showed up. Captain Boar Voiced by: He is prophecized to fight the Twelve Disciples of Aernas.

Rin is a reincarnation of the once glorious goddess Agnesia who lost her divinity after sealing the evil spirit Malevolent Horde within herself. There, he met Asin Tairin, one of the Silver Knights and Jin Kaien’s mentor, who had been wounded from a monster attack. She along with other demons appeared in the dimensional rift in the prologue. He became disgusted by this and he confined himself in a magic tower and stayed there for hundreds of years until he detected a familiar presence which caused him to cross paths with the Grand Chase.


Nitro-Fueled Jun 21 2. However, Kaze’aze used him as a vessel until the Grand Chase defeated her and freed Lass from her control. She appeared in Kounat when the Chase traveled back in time before the Kounat Explosion. She is corrupted by Decanee and turned into Dark Nephilim.

Mixing dancing with fighting and performance arts, she serves as a well rounded wicked fighter with plenty of supportive abilities.

She meets Kyle, Cindy, and others when siebhart arrived in Beroiah as she investigates the mysterious fog that appeared in the port town. In Great Explosion of Kounat, he took Decanee’s attack meant for Elesis and seemingly killed, though the Crimson River chapter reveals he is still alive. He and Kaze’aze retreated after the encounter and once again disappeared.

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Dimensional Chaser Comes to Mobile in November. He is one of the Twelve Disciples. Tropes regarding the Grand Chase in the original games go here. After the incident of a dimensional rift in the Tower of Disappearance, he ends up in Mouspia along with Ley.

She is corrupted and fought in the final stage of Siege of Teroka before being fused with Belile. In his battle in Kounat, he has exact skills of his daughter. She appeared in the raid version of Temple of Time who was gand Elesis until she met the other Grand Chase members.


However, it turns out that it is only an act. She wandered the land until she crosses paths with the Grand Chase to fulfill the prophecy of the Twelve Disciples.

Rather than a single persistent game world, Grand Chase has a continental map that acts as a sort of lobby where players can either join or host rooms. He eventually crossed paths with Jin and the rest of the Grand Chase as part of the Twelve Disciples sieghagt. He is awakened by Decanee in Chilly Mines and got corrupted.

[INGC] Solo Verkas Lair fast trick (for Sieghart) [HD]

Ryan is a young elf boy born from a tribe of elven druids. He is mysteriously disappeared in a dimensional rift, and that is the main reason why Elesis joins the Grand Chase. They are the subject of Belile’s schemes. His present self then appeared in Burning Canyon chapter. An old friend of Baldinar who is the one who caused the Kounat Explosion. The Holy Kingdom’s people worship grrand Aernas’ creator goddesses and they are guided by the Pope.

Grandiel survived the explosion, however, the said event started an endless war between his fellow elves and the dwarves throughout the land of Archimedia. A mysterious ancient demon that appeared multiple times in the original game.