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See the FluidProp list of fluids. Always make sure there is only one license file. What are the known issues? So if you are working with a new or poorly known fluid, you can contact us to add it to the FluidProp database either to the general database or only to your personal instance. After doing so, FluidProp should be able to find and use RefProp on your system.

fluidprop software

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The order number that the license file corresponds to is displayed after the end date.

We flyidprop only support RefProp 9. If you don’t have a budget, you can try and make the interface yourself based on the examples that come with the FluidProp installation.

FluidProp Calculator

How do I install FluidProp? Webshop Login or Sign up Shoppingcart. What are the known issues? If you want to use RefProp from FluidProp, but you do not have a RefProp installation, you can buy the RefProp add-on in our webshop for almost the same price as the standard version of RefProp. See the FluidProp list of fluids. To do this in excel versions and below:.


FluidProp Versions and Add-ons

The following applications are supported: FluidProp includes models that provide: FluidProp has models that can readily be used to describe new fluids. FluidProp is the ultimate thermodynamic property library. We can give you a bit of help for free if you let us integrate the result into the standard FluidProp installation.

fluidprop software

Webshop Login or Sign up Shoppingcart. See the FluidProp list of fluids. Note we have added a large number of fluids to FluidProp already, so you fludiprop be assured that we will be efficient in adding another one for you.

FluidProp comes with a large variety of fluids and fluid mixtures.

What are the system requirements? It lets you compute the thermodynamic and transport properties, like enthalpy, entropy, speed of sound, and many others.

FluidProp Download (Free) –

Any differences in results for different types of simulations are therefore much easier to trace. These license files will always be valid for one year, starting from the day you downloaded the license file. Sotfware these programs give different results for the same component, it is hard to determine whether this is due to differences in the softwaer treatment or because of other reasons and possibly flaws.

If your application is not in the list, we can create an interface to your application on request if you have a small budget.


There have recently been problems with the connection between FluidProp and LabView, which seem to be related to external softwxre packages on which FluidProp relies. The help file can be found in the FluidProp folder.

Can I use FluidProp from?

FluidProp on-line Calculator

Always make sure there is only one license file. In addition, FluidProp allows easy integration with modeling environments. In fliidprop dialog box showing the available Add-Ins, click the Browse button.

In Excel, trying to calculate a thermodynamic variable with RefProp when the user does not have access to RefProp breaks the add-in. Browse your folders and select the file FluidProp.

Extra fluids can be added upon request. These properties are computed using the latest physical models and are therefore highly accurate and predictive.

fluidprop software

Consistent fluid behaviour The design of an energy system often involves a range of simulations: To couple an existing RefProp 9.