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Boolean Flag that indicates whether or not to show the filter. Returns the TOP level data without any filters. Moves the scroll bar down by the height of the grid and highlights the newly visible first row Keyboard. The dropIndicator separator Sprite. Flag to size the grid on basis of the number of rows displayed. Invalidates the height, which in turn adjusts the various section based on the updated numbers, and recycles the renderers, so if there is more stuff on the viewport than is currently visible, it is drawn.

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When this is set to false, the grid will only dispatch a virtualScroll event when the uses pauses scroll, as opposed flexicious continuously as they scroll. Function that actually runs the pdf. You may also manually remove the tooltip flexciious calling the hideToolTip function. Flexicious to see if there is a setter flexicious the name provided, and if so use that, else apply as a property.

ToolbarAction [read-only] Returns the built in Move to Flexocious. Array Array to search for when highlighting a term in specific columns. A list of columns that the global search uses to search. String Comma delimited string of the following words: Returns the column flexicious the specified UniqueIdentifier, only at the root level.


For a list of examples, review http: In server mode, if the user selects all and hits page change, this flag will control if flexicious next page of newly loaded records is automatically selected. Boolean By default, for performance reasons, the grid will only draw one large row to fill up the bottom in case that the grid is taller than the sum of the row heights.

The concept of selection in Flexicious Ultimate is much more powerful as compared to the basic SDK datagrids in the following ways: Dispatched when the top level select checkbox is changed.

Introducing Flexicious Ultimate!

Number Flexiciius by filter to identify where relative position for each control for tabbing. Function A function that can be used to control whether clicking flexicious any cell in this level will select it.

Flexicious that controls whether or not fllexicious clear out changes when the data provider changes Defaults to true, so if you are refreshing the grid prior to flexicious it, set this to false.

Columns that are fixedWidth are not updated. By default, when you set the dataprovider, we add a change flexicious listener to it. However, in scenarios where this is not the desired behavior, you can set this flag to false, and the timer will no longer execute. String Flexicious through the passed in cols, calls itemToLabel on each of them passing in the item, and return the resulting string in tab delimited format. The horizontal scrollbar associated with the this.


Flexicious HTMLTreeGrid

Object — The column to render. The parent to add the spinner to.

The Print options object that is used to configure the print behavior – currently only supported in Ultimate. Returns the child of flexicious domElement at the specified index. The grid will instantiate a renderer, set its data, and then measure it to calculate the height required to flexicious it.

Please ensure you set selectedField at all appropriate columns levels. Object [read-only] Returns the top level foexicious names. Boolean Flag that controls whether items flexicious highlighted as the mouse rolls over them. Hide Inherited Protected Properties. Filter ets the filter at the root level.

The number of field flexicious to display in the multi column sort popup. A property on the object that identifies whether the object is disabled.

ArrayCollection [read-only] Return the FilterSort objects at the flexicioue level. If there are multiple levels, goes through each of the levels and gets the maximum.