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Within the analysis module, analytic routines include t-tests, ANOVA, nonparametric statistics, cross tabulations and stratification with estimates of odds ratios, risk ratios, and risk differences, logistic regression conditional and unconditional , survival analysis Kaplan Meier and Cox proportional hazard , and analysis of complex survey data. The first version, Epi Info 1, was originally implemented by Jeff Dean as an unpaid intern in high school [ citation needed ]. Help Desk Have a tough question? From a user’s perspective, the most important functions of Epi Info are the ability to rapidly develop a questionnaire, customize the data entry process, quickly enter data into that questionnaire, and then analyze the data. The menu module allowed for the editing and re-arranging of the basic Epi Info menu structure. Added a right-to-left language controller in Analysis [4].

epi info version 3.5.3

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Statistical softwareepidemiology. For more information, see the article OpenEpi. Increased precision for some statistical results and other improvements to Analysis. Tutorials Self-paced training to learn the basics: Added small cell size and sparse data warnings to 2×2 and MxN analyses.

Appropriate for small to medium size surveillance and response activities and special epidemiologic studies. OPenEpi is an online version of the software and has inbuilt statistical calculators.

Allowed European date formats and non-English characters in data fields. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Included other minor updates to Form Designer, Enter, and Dashboard.


Appropriate for large scale surveillance and response activities in locations with reliable network connectivity.

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Check code allows for certain events to occur depending on what action a data entry person has taken. The “Visual Dashboard” module is a lighter-weight Analysis component that is designed to be easy to use, but does not contain the full set of data management features that the “Classic Analysis” module does. The menu module allowed for the editing and re-arranging of the basic Epi Info menu structure.

Programming language changed to Visual C. This version also fixed compatibility for languages that are read right-to-left.

epi info version 3.5.3

Older versions of Epi Info contained a Report module and a Menu module. Microsoft Visual C 4.

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September 13, Content source: For example, if the data entry person types “Male” into a question on gender, any questions relating to pregnancy might then be hidden or disabled. Retrieved from ” https: Create forms, collect data, and perform epidemiologic data analysis and visualization. Epi Info 7 includes a number of nutritional anthropometric functions that can assist in recording and evaluating measurements of length, stature, weight, head circumference, and arm circumference for children and adolescents.

Other modules include the Dashboard module, a mapping module, and various utilities such as StatCalc. infi


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Epi Info has been in existence for over 20 years and is currently available for Microsoft Windows. Free and open-source software portal.

Appropriate for distributed data collection in locations lacking IT infrastructure. Get custom support directly from the makers of the Epi Info Suite.

The first version, Epi Info 1, was originally implemented by Jeff Dean as an unpaid intern in high school [ citation needed ].

epi info version 3.5.3

Unlike the other modules, the menu module does not have a design-mode user interface, but instead ihfo in a. The “Classic Analysis” module is where users analyze their data.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It provides for easy data entry form and database construction, a customized data entry experience, and data analyses with epidemiologic statistics, maps, and graphs for public health professionals who may lack an information versuon background. Fixed regional number formatting issues in Enter.

epi info version 3.5.3

Added a right-to-left language controller in Analysis [4].