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Customer Reviews showing 1 – of 1. Who would spend hour after hour learning to cut a deck of cards at one exact point? For now I and my apprentice after our weekend time together each on our laptops surfing for scum and reporting them. Young man I know of wanted to learn how to do up the nose nail trick now rather than ask two professional magicians and one geek-performer that loves that kind of stuff he instead went to youtube to learn, what he got for it was a mad rush to the ER. Never settled on something I like.

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Take a look at our Jemray Policy. Liked that one a lot, but didn’t a couple aspects of it. Anyway, the best impromptu version for me is not in this video though. Never settled on something I like. Steerpike Find latest posts. But what I know is leaps and bounds beyond what colorblind luke jermay people who are still exposing magic know.

Little Door by R. We want to make you into a performer.

Magic Tricks

Feb 20, Because the people who are exposing tricks colorblinf generally not the ones who are going to spend colorblind luke jermay colorblibd and money to get the resources to learn what I know.


I saw Luke lecture on this at The Session. But when learning how to do a trick involves buying expensive books and actually reading!

View our magic tricks index. I won’t be doing it ever for example because I’m using my channel for professional purposes and those sorts of videos just don’t align with the sort of image I’m trying to present to my clients. Bad Good Enter the code in the box below: The cards are legitimately, truly mixed. Colorblind luke jermay the ability to SEE with your fingertips.

Suit Cut to Orde. Originally Posted by Steerpike. This page was created in 0. Why would anyone want to learn FIVE methods to the same effect, you ask? Why am I talking about all this? I started buying those back when you could still get them on BETA yes I still have a working beta machine too. Very enjoyable and very strong.

Colorblind by Luke Jermay (DVD+GIMMICK)

Colorblind – Luke Jermay. Some people prefer this, and it is pretty good, especially if you are well versed in sleights. His teaching is thorough and he makes the occasional joke to keep things light. And really – if you want to reduce exposure – encourage people to read. His method for OOTW is excellent, obviously.


Standing on the rooftops, beating your chest and shouting about how wrong exposure is colorblind luke jermay never remove it. A routine that has been tried and tested – critically acclaimed by some of the most respected names in magic.

Jermay, a fun effect if you like it and are willing to spend time on the scripting and presentation.

Add that to the fact that my effects are adapted from effects in books much like Christopher and layered with presentation – I’m not concerned about exposure affecting my performance.

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