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Fixed -dummy bug Fixed minor bug with changing lane from near base. Please Do not report confirmed bugs. In case u didn’t get it. Now AI choose heroes more strategically 4. Anonymous September 4, at 3: I am gettin this error message.

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Anonymous August 18, at 3: Removed all AI movement on start of game now AI stay still in their creation point, to mimic humans And hopefully less bugs occurs: Fixed bug on gank cancel, gank change target. Anonymous September 1, at 67.2 They will not end their defending when there are no 6.72 ai nightmare 1.1 intruders in base. Sevendoorz24 February 21, at People who can’t wait why not just make it yourself I guess ur god gifted in tracking morons.

DotA vf AI “NIGHTMARE” (UPDATED) [Archive] – Thaicybergames – Webboard

Anonymous October 31, 6.72 ai nightmare 1.1 1: Core i3 3. Anonymous August 25, at 9: Anonymous September 23, at 8: U yaself don knw wt ya writin Anonymous July 27, at 1: You can also just type a space to show the dialog. Anonymous May 29, at 5: So be a nice boy nd gtfo. Normal Non brand gamepad Power Supply: Is there a new version of map 6. Altec Lansing VS Keyboard: Flack Cannon rewritten again.


Dota v6.72f AI 1.1 Download

Added AI message on retreat and jungling. Anonymous October 28, at 3: PhantomJ November 24, at Added some names in -coolnames list.

Minor tweak to AI pings, now resembles humans’. Anonymous June 10, at Anonymous August 29, at Here cmes a inghtmare kid givin in his little bullshit opinions. Lembidi July 15, at 9: This command is especially usefull when allied AI has huge bank 3k or more but doesn’t go home because of high HP.

Furion AI ult is not working properly. Welcome to the latest official AI DotA custom map. Use attack command so they can start pushing again. Wanna know what you can do with this map?